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Let's start the new year off right! Representing Astoria, in the borough of Queens, Noo Yawk is the one and only JP! Sp33dy hasn't been here that long, but he's done a lot with his car until its untimely meeting with a manhole cover on a road in the borough that was under repair and not well marked - I guess that's one of the trials and tribulations one has to go through when you're lowered to the point that a matchbook barely has room to pass under your car! We've been assured that it's presently under repair and will be back on the road again soon; in the meantime, this poor guy's driving a B4 winter beater.

Take it away, Sp33dy!

First, I was blown away when I read Jay’s PM telling me to get this together. Now that I got that out of the way, I would like to thank everyone who thought my car was worthy enough to receive such recognition.

It all started on my birthday in 06. I was looking for a daily driver that I would not modify and just drive it around, and I found this Windsor Blue B5 at a local dealership. As soon as I saw the color I was sold. Two hours later, I was home with my new car and happy as a man can be. About two weeks after I purchased it, the car was chipped, had new wheels, exhaust, etc. I knew the mod bug had gotten me again.

After browsing around, I found Passat World. Little did I know that would change everything. Right after my day of joining this forum, I did not stop doing things to the car. However, that is not the most important thing this forum has given me. I met some of the best people I have ever met and whom without my car would not be what it is. A BIG special thanks goes out to Kingofnyc, vwb5t, v4vanglder, Nesho, Bleubayou, Thirtysixspokes, lithiumfox and the rest of the EuroConnection crew for all their help and support. I also want to thank the moderators and Passatworld staff for all their help and supervision throughout the years.

As of right now, the car is undergoing a lot of modifications which I'm sure will surprise a lot of people this summer. Some of you know what's in store, and some of you will have to wait and see. All I can say is smooth and slammed are in the WERKS! ;)


* k04-15 turbo upgrade
* Genesis 315cc injectors
* 034 Adj. FPR
* Samco turbo hoses
* APR turbo inlet hose
* Carbonio intake
* GIAC PC 16
* NGK Iridium plugs
* Forge DV 007
* Custom 2.5 cat back and FK axle back
* Slicone Vacuum Lines
* NSP Power Gasket

* Kleeman ts7 18x8.5 w/ falken ziex

* KW V1s
* Neuspeed rear sway bar

* Stage 2 Big brake kit (front)
* Rear slotted rotors

* OEM R32 Steering wheel
* OEM Beetle Turbo pedals (for sale)
* OEM Sunglass Holder
* Auto Meter Boost Guage
* NSP Column Pod
* OEM Leather B5.5 Center console conversion
* OEM Leather interior swap
* OEM skoda vents
* ABD Aluminum Pedals
* Double DIN Conversion
* SPP adapter and Momo knob

* FK Badgeless Grill
* FK smoked side markers
* Projector Headlights
* Tint 35% all around
* Custom NYC plates (sp33dy)
* Stubby antenna
* Votex front lip, sides and rear (needs to be painted and installed).
* Diesel geek skid plate

* Pioneer D3 head unit w/ Navigation
* Pioneer Bluetooth module
* Pioneer iPod Interface
* Polk/Momo 6.5 Component speakers with Dome tweeters (FRONT)
* Polk/Momo 6.5 Component speakers with Dome tweeters (BACK)
* 2 12'' solo barics l7
* JL audio 2 channel amp
* 1200V 4 channel amp
* 2 way pager alarm with built in Turbo timer and remote start
* Valentine V1 radar


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congratz man, cant wait to see the changes but i know there are long nights ahead for us. and damn dude how can u get POTM and not even mention that you have 2 passats :poke: you need pics of the daily passat as well not that slow trailer queen :lol:

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Congrats brother! Well deserved and bout time! Cant wait for new things to happen to this bad B5!

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Congratulations man !!!! :thumbup::thumbup: Reppin' the Windsor Blue Ohhhh Yeahhhhh. This is well deserved I love your car and your mod list gives me alot of inspiration ;) Thanks for the PM I haven't been on much because of holidays so it would have taken me forever to see this.

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Congrats Pizzle. Well deserved.

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Congrats again JP!! Seeing your car makes me want to get my VW back!!!

Astoria in da House!!!!! Rep the eastside kid!!:thumbup:
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