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Once inna while, chasing down a POTM becomes a labor of love. I've been after this one for about two months, and I finally got the write-up that all of you deserve.
For this month, we're taking a jaunt out to the home of the biggest damned rodeo in the world, as well as a past Winter Olympics site - Calgary, Alberta.

This Passat of the Month belongs to Mister T - Tyler Lillo.
Tyler, take it away, and tell us all about Black Betty!

Wow, Passat of the month, what to write, what to write... I think I'd
like to start by sending a shout out to all the old timers on the
forums who taught me the tricks of the trade and gave me the means to
get black Betty to the stage she's in now.

Black Betty and I have had a love hate relationship over the years.
She's kind of like that one crazy ex girlfriend who took all your
money, had weekly meltdowns and made you run all over town for her but
damn if she wasn't so sexy you couldn't put her down!

Anyway, when I first got her, her previous owner had put off a lot of
maintenance so I had to take a crash course in VW wrenching, which is
where I came upon this fine forum. It's funny when I think back to
what she was like when I first got her. A turbo that didn't work,
transmission that blew up within a year, blown shocks etc... Then I
got it chipped, that's when the sickness set in... I thought I could
leave it at that and be happy with it. Boy was I wrong. I remember
telling my girlfriend "if I start thinking about putting a K04 in,
slap me will 'ya."

It's been a long road since then. Especially trying to build things on
a fairly tight budget. However, all the fabrication and DIY work is
what allowed me to get to the point where I am now. As for what
direction it'll take from here, anyone's guess is as good as mine. But
rest assured, it'll continue.

So thank you all for the support, knowledge and ideas. It's truly an
honor to have the old girl featured among the ranks of some of
incredibly well done Passats.

Some recent pics, courtesy of my girlfriend's brother, Hugh.

Here are some of the various build/modification threads I've done over
the years, enjoy!


-Block and Head completely torn down and rebuilt by yours truly
-60-1 T3/T4 .48 A/R turbo
-Eurodyne Maestro
-B6 S4 MAF housing
-65mm VR6 throttle body
-Port matched and polished intake manifold
-630 injectors
-SCAT forged rods
-Osvat Stainless Steel exhaust valves
-Revision 'R' pushdown coilpack upgrade
-AEM tru-boost EBC
-Innovate LC-1 wideband controller
-Westach EGT sensor
-Autometer oil pressure gauge
-Devil's Own DVC-30 W/M injection
-Eurospec Adjustable fuel pressure regulator
-TT 710N diverter
-Turbosmart BOV
-3 in CAI intake w K&N filter
-3 in intake piping
-Mishimoto FMIC with 2.75 in piping
-Relocated DV
-Custom equal length tubular exhaust manifold
-Turbonetics Deltagate II external wastegate
-3 in downpipe
-3 in exhaust (both fabbed by yours truly)
-APR snub mount
-Catch can

-5 speed conversion
-Fidenza 9lb flywheel
-Spec stage 3+ clutch
-Short shift kit
-Redline lightweight shockproof oil

-FK lowering springs
-KYB sport shocks

-TT carrier and A8 rotor upgrade
-PBR Ultimate Ceramic Pads

Wheels and cosmetics
-18in enkei rims
-FK Badgeless Grille
-Smoked tail and side lights
-TT antenna
-DEPO black projector headlight and clear side markers

Future mods

-Rosten High rate valve springs (good to 8500 RPM)

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Amazing build (or should I say builds). Thank you for all the great write ups with all the great pictures. Double-triple props on that exhaust manifold!!! Thanks for sharing the knowledge you've come by the hard way with all of us readers who get to soak it up the easy way. :thumbup: :wrench: :driving:

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Thank you guys for validating all my crazy plans. It's awesome to have an audience that's as passionate about this stuff as I am.

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All i can say is that its about time haha, from lurking around the forums since i got my car 10 months ago, youve pretty much posted on all the largely informative threads. the passat looks crazy mad and crazy clean. you have very much so earned this title! congrats!

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Congrats and well deserved!

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Congrats! Welcome to the club and nice job. "I pity da fool!" :mrt:

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Tyler you've been working on this a long time...but what do ya say we dyno this baby?! I'm gonna be doing a US road trip end of may from MA to Cali then up to fairabanks Alaska. So I def wanna swing in, finally meet and show off our newly born muscle =D Congrats man

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Tyler you've been working on this a long time...but what do ya say we dyno this baby?! I'm gonna be doing a US road trip end of may from MA to Cali then up to fairabanks Alaska. So I def wanna swing in, finally meet and show off our newly born muscle =D Congrats man
Once some income rolls in around summer I'd like to strap her to a dyno and get some numbers off her. As it stands, any tuning I'll do from now 'till then will be via logging or iphone app. It may be crude, but it's a good way to quantify the differences that are made when you change things.

Right now, my biggest concern is getting the car to rev clean to at least 7500RPM. I have a knock sensor that must have been loose for quite some time that finally gave me a code to clue me in. I re-torqued it, did a couple pulls and the car seems to be running better at high RPM now. However I can't say 100%, as the weather is atrocious right now and a full pull to 8250 RPM leaves me moving at about 190 km/hr. Not cool when there's blowing snow across the highway.

But anyway, give me a holler if you pass through my neck of the woods. What setup are you running now?
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