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Passat has a new stablemate..

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haha stablemate.. get it? :lol: :suspicio: :oops: bad joke, I know..

I was looking at another passat, but I realized.. I have one practical and fun car.. why make it 2? I thought about an audi, but realized for the insurance cost and the initial cost.. why not just go for a fun car.. not comfortable (though it is, surprisingly) not the best ride (go figure) but with a decent amount of power and a whole lotta aftermarket..

sorry about the foggy pic, the lense of the camera was steaming up, its been so humid here..

yeah, its a 5 speed.. it's unfortunately not the mach 1 I'd been hoping for, but good enough for now..

seeing as I sold my .. 91? regal.. I'm down to 3 cars now, haha.. 89 mustang, this mustang, and my '02 passat.. not a bad collection

now for the car with a 3 car garage and a lift! ... right

haha just thought I'd share :p
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i LOVE the wheels on the current Ford Mustang GTs!
yeah... 17" "Bullitt" wheels


I'd better not go through them too fast, low profile tires are ex pen sive :nervous:
A couple of my patients have those Mustangs, they look nice, and they love them :) Man, those things can be made so freaking fast, it's scary! :D
its a nice looking car. enjoy.
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