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Hi I have a brand new GTE and I have a problem with he "Discover Pro" system.

Before trying to use the USB connection for music, I used the Bluetooth connection with my iPhone.

Now that I use a USB stick with my music library, as soon as I turn on the Bluetooth (which I need for the phone) a list of old songs titles that I have meanwhile removed from my iPhone are popping up in the the songs list on the car and messing it up, the song files are not there but the titles show up in the list.

Turning off Bluetooth on the phone, and they disappear from the list on the car.

So I guessed that comes from the iPhone.... but I do not see those files on the iPhone, which I have re-synced carefully with my Mac, and rebooted to no avail.

I taught, perhaps a list is maintained in the car system and associated with my phone, so I deleted my phone in the car system and reinstalled it, again at no avail.

Has anybody seen something similar? ....... and found a fix??

Thanks for having read my story...

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