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I installed Meyle HD control arms, Bilstein B8 shocks and Eibach 30mm springs last weekend. Everything went fine fitting is straight forward.

I brought the car to get aligned the toe was out (I change the inner and outer tierods) but the camber on the front left wheel was positive 1.4. I was expecting a little bit of negative camber on both wheels but my front right is fine and my front left is way out.

What could cause positive camber? I've had the car aligned before and the shop didn't mention anything about positive camber with the old set up and it hasn't had any knocks/bangs. I know there are different bolt holes for the arms for the wider platform cars but I'm sure I replaced everything correctly. Also when tightening I made sure everything with full loaded before tightening. The only thing I can think to do is to loosen all the nuts remove the wheel and jack the hub to the correct position see if I can get some small amount of play in the mounts and tighten it up. Also just check that the correct holes have been used.

I know the subframe can be moved to equalise the camber but since my right wheel is good this will only put positive cabmer on both wheels.

Has anyone experienced manufacuting defect from Meyle HD where the top arms are to long?
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