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I have a question about bluetooth adapter and radio. This is my car interrior:
So, I am actually really nervous about that phone thing on the right, because there is no phone in 2017 that fits into this. I was thinking about adapter with touchscreen 3C0 051 435 TA ( Is it compatible with my passat 2007 and iphone 6s? There is another thing I am confused about. I would like to change my radio to RCD510, but I don't know how will this affect my multifunction steering wheel buttons, because this phone kit must be somehow connected to radio? I don't know if RCD510 has a bluetooth connection option cause I am really not into this, but if it does I don't know if that is good because connection between bluetooth adapter and phone and rcd510 and phone at the same time maybe wouldn't be good?

thanks for your answers
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