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Hey guys,

I have a 2007 B6 Passat, 2.0 FSI - BVY Engine, 6 Gear Automatic Transmition (Not DSG).
The car made around 65k miles, (it was a secondary car in the house in the last 9 years)
Maintenced on time, and had no problems up until recently.

I have few problems and before i described them i want to say that i have checked every single module with vagcom and having no fault codes at all.

1. Gearbox - after driving for more than 30-40 minutes the gear starts to throw shifts in.
usually from 2nd to 3rd, and sometimes 4th to 5th.
it's like that it is not going in, i see on the MFD that it is on 3rd but it takes a few seconds until it's really puting it into the gear. the rpm goes high and the insert the gear with a hard kick, you can actually feel the car jumping forward.

when i start the car after 1-2 hours of "rest" it is like it never happend, and the gearbox functions great, again after 30-40 minutes of drive it goes back.

i have changed ATF Fluid and filter, and when i replaced it the mechanic even told me that the fluid he took out of the gear was pretty clean and in normal condition.

i have replaced left and right cv joints (the ones that go on the gear).

But still the same problem.

One garage told me it is a problem with the gear "brain" and that a new one will cost around 3k while fixing the one i have will be somehing around 1.4-1.6k.
Other place told me i need a replacement of the whole gearbox, because it is defective (which dosent sound logical to me).
one guy told me that the problem is the valves block and and fixing it will cost around 1.5k.
from information i looked for online i saw that it might just be some sensor that is need to be replaced.
so, i am really not sure anymore what it can be.

Second thing i think i have Electricity/ECU problems, and frankley i even think that gear problem is coming from an electricity problem.
for example, when i close the door the light above my head turns off slowly as it should but making a noise like zzzz.
or when i press the MFSW options menu to go from MFD to Audio It reads it only on the 3rd try
so when i press once it shows audio instaed of mfd but the content stays mfd content (consumption, distance and so)
only on the 3rd time it actually show the audio content (NaviSystem).
i hear all the time humming noise from the speakers especialy when i turn on the lights, and when turning on fog lights the go stronger.

also, when the gear problem starts (after driving a while) the speakers starts to go crazy, getting muted every few seconds. which sounds like clipping but the subwoofer keeps playing regular.
(i have a pioneer amp, connected to four jbl components, hooked to the ar with a 4 awg wires, a strong grond, and mounted on wood plate) the hu is a 10 inch android with can-bus.
the speakers no where near half of their capabilities and they are cuted above 120hz
so it's not clipping.
but when letting the car cool down and the gear problem is not happening the speakers does not being muted.

I have checked all the fuses, and all good, the battery is a 7 months old 72A.
again, having no fault codes at all.

Second thing which i am not sure if it a problem or regular behaior is in the engine.
every time i start the engine after it was not on for more than 2 hours, it takes forever to the engine to heat.
even at noon when it's super hot outside, it takes at least 2-2.5 minutes to drop the rpm from 1200 to around 700.
at night and when it's cold outside it can take even 4-5 minutes.

I am changing oil and oil filter exactly on time, spark plugs are new, i use Castrol Edge 5w40 oil.
Coils are in a great condition.
so i really can't understand why this thing happens.

i feel in the last few months that the car is not stable.
I have a pretty new set of bridgestone tires (10 months old)
new cv joints,
i have check for lossen parts down there but everything is in it's place snuged properly.
i have replaced the rear and front shocks 2 months ago (Sachs - that the shocks brand that came with the car)
and still feel not so stable, and i still feel every single bump on the road.
anything i am missing??

sorry for writing a harry potter book's length post,
but i really feel in the dark..

any help will be blessed

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will get back to you by Monday,really busy and there is a LOT to digest, the electrical systems on these are over complicated in my opinion, well versed in the B5 and B5.5 platforms and have an 08 B6 ,hang in there ,best regards Chief
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