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Hi guys, I just bought a passat b6 with some problems. I'm having random misfires and tcm problem...
I have some questions.
The car has tcm problems and when you get it in to drive or reverse the gear enters really harsh and clucks... I investigates a little and found a thread about a guy that had the same symptoms and the problem was a bad connection on the TCM. What do you guys think?
The geair indicator is not working, P D R N S not there

ecu codes


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ecu codes

p0100: P0100 - "Mass Air Flow or Volume Air Flow Sensor Circuit"
p0101: P0101 - Mass Air Flow (MAF) Circuit Range/Performance Problem
p0688: P0688 - ECM Power Relay Load Circuit (in other words something could be draining your battery perhaps)
p2146: P2146 - Supply Voltage for Fuel Injector Group A: Open Circuit. 1.1
p2149: P2149 – Fuel Injector Group (A/B) Supply Voltage Circuit/Open
p0302: P0302 - Cylinder #2 Misfire Detected
p0304: P0304 - Cylinder #4 Misfire Detected
p0301: P0301 - Cylinder #1 Misfire Detected
p0300: P0300 - Cylinder #0 Misfire Detected
p2294: p2294 - fuel pressure regulator 2 ctrl circuit

Looks like you may have a power supply issue that is wreaking havoc on the rest of your system. Start simple...check the battery for voltage and see if it will stand up to a load test. Check the battery cables for tightness and be sure they are both ends!

Then check all your fuses for blown ones, and make sure none of your relays are burnt out or not functioning.

To be sure these codes are current....have your codes cleared, then see which ones come back....


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I have a vacuum leak and many of these codes are entirely due to it running that way. HOWEVER; the fuel pressure and ecm are standing out. Agreed, check for circuits and "common circuits". Often a problem in 1 spot can affect many. Troubleshooting is prime.
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