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So this is my sweete! All stock (for now and except IcE) B5 passat with 1.6 petrol and LPG upgrade !

As i said!

The interior

The LPG tank

Also i made a little Tweeter panel for my front doors

BEfore :

ANd after :

The progress :

Also i upgrade my power!

And the result !

And one more from my profil at Fb :


This is my little setup ... I just sold my 2 12's to make a semi wall (in the trunk) with 2 15's and about 6KW also i will make new door panels with 4+4 10'' midranges!

murdered out Jetta, er, B5 Passat
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Γιασου, αρεσο το Passat σου παρα πολι, κάλι δουλειά εχιες κάνει!!! ;)
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