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Passat B5.5 Transmission problem !! CODE 17114 Incorrect Gear Ratio. HELP!!!!

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Hello everyone,

I have a problem with my 2004 Passat B5.5, 5 speed automatic tiptronic transmission, EU model if that's comes in handy. My father had it yesterday for a short trip about 20Km he arrived without a problem finished his job and after some 3-4 hours got in the car, put it in reverse was normal, but the music was loud he wanted to turn the volume a little bit off but my mistake turned the radio down then he turned it on again and there it started the car was in reverse still but he told me that car didn't move a bit, he put it on D to drive a bit forward that wasn't working too, after about 10 min he told me that D started to work and made the trip just forward to our home and parked it and then it cut off again no gears. This morning (here in Europe) i got to see what's what. Turned on the car Workshop Emissions and engine check light were on dashboard, the car when i put it on reverse would go a little bit as automatics go but with gas there was no increase of speed, but in D the car would move just a little and would stop if i give gas it would react like it was in neutral and around 4000 rpm would start moving just a little. My friend connected it with OBD first code i don't remember only something like trouble contacting ECU and the other one was 11714 - Incorrect gear ratio P0730 - 35-00 --. Cleared the codes that first one is gone but the second Incorrect gear ratio is still there. And the final thing i noticed was if i'd put it on a forward gear and hold the brakes after 2-3 seconds the car started shaking that was a first. SORRY THAT THE STORY GOT THIS LONG BUT I WANDED TO GIVE YOU ALL WHAT HAPPEND SOO ANYBODY COULD TELL ME WHAT TO DO.
Thanks in advance


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Low fluid level could cause the issue, but a leak should be obvious. Water damage to the TCM (under the passenger front carpet) will also cause this. After those, the multi-function switch (on the driver's side of the trans, behind the mount bracket) is the most likely issue. Damaged wiring or dirty connectors should also be checked.
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