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Greetings from me since i`m new to passatworld.

My problem is that when using A/C it`s dripping water out somewhere very unusual place but not where it should be and causing to wet passenger side floor.
Using climatronic system and car is 2002 B5.5 wagon with 1.9TDI 96kW manual.

Added also a picture from where the water is leaking.
Automotive lighting Light Vehicle door Car Vehicle

The orange circle in the back right is the place where water is leaking. Thinking that it comes somewhere higher?!
It`s location is under dashboard, in the middle, but more to the passenger side near the lower vents.
When A/C is turned on it`s leaking and using ECON it`s not, obviously!
Tried also different air directions: to windshield, to the middle and to feet.
What i saw that it`s leaking more when the air is directed to windshield

What i`ve tried to fix the problem:
1. Found the a/c drain on the firewall and cleaned it from the engine side. Took out the rubber and it was OK!
2. Interior side plastic tube also is NOT filled with some dirt, so the problem is not there also.
3. Two holes under battery box are clean
4. Seal under ECU and cabin filter are good, since i resealed them and tested with rain and it`s OK!

So as you see the problem is not coming from outside but inside.

I´ve googled ALOT! to find a solutions but came up empty handed.
Only one problem with the same place leaking water but it was the fault of cloaged A/C drain plastic tube.

So my question is, that what might be the problem for that unusual leak?
1.Is the HVAC box somehow clogged inside and if so what could be the solutions and is it DIY?
2. Could the problem be in some of the A/C tubes located under the dashboard in the middle. Broken or some of the rubber seals gone bad?
3. Something else?......

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If it only leaks while the AC is running, it is the AC evaporator drain.
I haven't had this problem but check the drain under the car, it can get blocked or fouled by a heat shield.
Push something flexible up through the drain hose from the bottom.

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Today tookout the interior air vent and cleaned the inside of HVAC box with vacuumcleaner as much as i could. Vacuumcleaner noise gave me info that there where only 1 or 2 leaves and little bit of dust.
Also used pressure air to clean from the same place and also from underneath the box, from drain. Both ways did not notice any clogges or somekind obstruction. Air flowed freely.
What i noticed after about 30 km and aprox. 15-20 minutes of A/C work that water that should start to come when system is turned on, did not come. And it did not leak from the unusal place.
So here`s my question. Is it supposed to start drip water when system is turned on or is it gonna take time, 15-20 minutes?

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The last clogged a/c drain I worked on I needed about 4" of hanger wire to clear the clog. Insert into the HVAC box from where the funnel meets the drain port. Slide it back and forth across the bottom to dislodge any buildup. It had a lot of water inside, but never leaked from the box itself, as it was non-climatronic. Instead, it shot water droplets out of the a/c vents.
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