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Passat B5.5 1.8T 260HP/330NM K04 Hybrid

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1.8T K04-015 XLC (Hybrid) from Xs power
386 ccm injectors
Walbro GSS 340 Fuel pump
Oem 4 bar FPR
3 bar MAP sensor
Decat to 2.5 inch catback + "oem" rear silencer , but heavily modified from inside.
Boost: 1.4bar at 4300 / 1.2bar at 6800
Custom Tune
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Is it laggy on the street with the lack of torque at lower rpm? Peak torque over 5K rpm is more what I would expect from a 500hp turbo, not a GT28 sized. You should see peak torque closer to 4K. The overall power looks good and would work fine on the track as long as EGT is monitored.
No its not laggy, i have more tourqe on lower rpm with k04. See my old dyno (Nm - green line), with k03.
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from 2000 - 3000rpm i have aproximetly 30NM more now with K04.
Yes, tune is made preferably for track. It really good for driving , but after 4000 rpm its really start to pull hard all the way to 7000 rpm.
Bad is that i dont have EGT sensor. But in future i will invest in one more gauge 😁.
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