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Passat Alltrack (Stavanger) wheels

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I own a Passat Alltrack 2019 (non-facelift version).
Currently I have the original Stavanger wheels and 225/55/R17 summer tires installed on it. I can't check right now what is the current wheel width, but every online source tells, that for these tires it is 8Jx17 ET41.
Winter is not far and I would like to buy exactly the same wheels to install winter tires on them. But the problem is, that wherever I look, I am not able to find 8J wheels, but there are offers for 7Jx17 ET38.
The online sites tell me that 215/55/R17 (7Jx17 ET38) is also acceptable on my Alltrack, and even better suited for winter, which sounds like a nonsense to me. All I want for winter, is more ground clearance, but 215/55/R17 against 225/55/R17 does the opposite by lowering the car by 5mm.
So, I have 2 questions and options I would like to discuss.
1) If i buy 7J wheels.. can I install 225/55/R17 winter tires on them? Will they fit fine?
2) If I buy 7J wheels.. can I install 215/60/R17 winter tires on them, instead of 215/55/R17? On internet stores around me, the first ones are even cheaper than 55 ones.
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1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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