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Hello :),

I own Passat 2006 (B6) with the "advanced" key or in other words no mechanical key just remote. See pic attached.

Unfortunately, I put in my pocket and probably pressed to many times or to long on the buttons so now the car does not respond to it :(((.

I took the second key and everything works just fine.

I read lots of "how to program a key" such as this link VW remote key fob programming guide - Techwatch forums
but all of these links talk about keys with mechanical key on it. I tried it but it doesn't work for me :(.

The situation is:
I can not open/close the car with the blocked key but it does turn on the car ( after I open the car with the second working key ).

As I mentioned, tried the tutorials which say insert the non-working key and switch on (but not to turn on the engine), lock the car with the working key and hold for 10 seconds but the problem is that when the key is in the switch the second key does not lock the car.

Please, help me!
I need a tutorial how to reprogram the key.

Thank you!

PS. I replaced the battery also on the non working key but it didn't help :(.


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You have to go to the dealer to get a new one reprogrammed to the car. There's no other way to get around it, nothing in the service manual on how to reprogram a key that I can find.

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Hope this helps someone... None tried here but the bits and pieces of help that have been posted about in one handy "cut out 'n keep" post :hatoff:

Keys & re-Code

Changing the Key FOB Battery

The B6 key fob battery is type CR2032 available from Maplins or RadioShack. If the red LED on your fob doesn't light when any of the buttons are pressed then change the battery as shown in the above YouTube video

General Description
The VW security system for Immobilsor 4 (IMMO 4) systems as found on Golf Mk5, Passat B5 onwards, etc) supply two key fobs that come part coded from the factory.
When you go to the dealer with all your details, it's so the dealer can be sure you are the legal owner of that particular vehicle.

The parts guy just orders the key from your chassis number, the order is sent to Germany and they part code a blank immobilsor chip to your chassis security details held in the German database. They also cut a physical key, known as the valet key, and attach it to the fob.
The fob can take up to five days to arrive at the dealer in the UK.
You then take your car into the dealership, its hooked up to their diagnostic machine and then the pairing of the key you ordered can begin. The techie logs into the car, then starts a key coding process. Techie enters their personal login details and the machine does the rest: it matches the part-coded key to the details that are stored on the database and then codes it to the vehicle system.

There is no way independents or mobile security companies can code the key to the car's new or old keys.

But there are two firms claiming to offer such services are:
£110 coded while you wait in Leeds
VW 3 Button Key | eBay

£175 for same thing in Kent
Volkswagen VW Passat B6 CC Key Fob Smart Key Remote Programmed to Your Car | eBay

If You Have One Good Key (not tried here!)
If your code is lost on one fob you can reprogram it with your other good fob.
On the Passat, you must first pry the cover off of the manual key slot in the driver's door: observe from the bottom there is a slot; place the manual key (the plastic valet key released by the side button) from your good fob in that slot; at the same time pry from the bottom and the whole cap will come off revealing the keyhole.

Put the good fob into ignition and press to switch on ignition only but do not start the engine.
With your manual key, lock the door.
Now press the fob you are trying to train twice.
It should take the code.

Unlock the door, remove the good fob and test the newly trained fob. It should work -- but only for a fob that's previously been trained to that car's access code. It will not work on a fob that's previously been trained for another vehicle.

If you've Used the Wrong Fob
I own two '06 Passats. Inserted wrong fob into ignition to start it. Got error code and fob could not be removed. Called dealer and they said car would have to be towed to them.
Checked the internet for help:
1) step on brake pedal.
2) depress automatic shifter knob on "T" handle twice.
3) when click is heard-remove fob...

Broken Key to two Fresh Keys
A key fob has a RF-ID chip that only works for the one car it was made for. The key fob you bought on e-Bay will not work with your car with one exception. If you happened to have an old, broken key fob for your car you can swap out the RF-ID chips then have the new key fob reprogrammed. Post #24:

B6 Partial RE-train using VCDS
After a prolonged absence of battery cell voltage, the IMMO functions of a key may still work, it'll still start the engine. But you find you can't gain access to your car -- the locking or unlocking don't work -- even though the little red LED in the fob lights up after changing the battery (see above)

To re-train an IMMO-working keyfob to security system:
VCDS -> Ch46 (central convenience) -> 10 (adaptation)
Channel 0: value 0, Save (rests all remotes)
Channel 1: value 2, Save
Press Unlock on each remote for more than one second consecutively. My car did not show any signs of acknowledgement like Ross-Tech said it might.
Close controller, done.
Check operation of each remote for vehicle lock, unlock, and boot. And for vehicle start.

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Hi there, been looking for a free/cheep solution for the exact same issue as Kitzka. You can program the key FOB, at least it worked for me:
Status quo:
  • 2 Key FOBs
  • both starting the car, but only one would open/close the doors
  • Both received new batteries (bought the car 2nd hand, decided to put new batteries)
  • 1 FOB would only flash red and would not open/close car, but would start the engine (if car is opened with the other key FOB)
  • 1 FOB would work perfectly
Here´s what I´ve done:
  • Open car with working FOB
  • Insert working FOB to ignition, pressed till ignition, did not actually start the car
  • Press "OPEN" on 2nd FOB (the one to program) for 5 sec
  • Remove working FOB from ignition
  • Left the car with both FOBs in my hand
  • Close car with working FOB
  • Open car with working FOB
  • Close car with 2nd FOB (the one to program) CAR WOULD CLOSE at this stage
  • Open car with 2nd FOB (the one to program) CAR WOULD OPEN at this stage
After the above both of my key FOBs were perfectly operational. Bum, 200€ saved. :)
Car: VW Passat B7 Variant built: 2012

Hope this will help someone, spent days looking for a tutorial or video guide and only found the "switch blade" variant, not the "smart key" programs.

All the best,

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You have to go to the dealer to get a new one reprogrammed to the car. There's no other way to get around it, nothing in the service manual on how to reprogram a key that I can find.
Do you have the phisical key thats slots in one of the remotes?
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