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1. They'll need to scan the ABS for an additional fault code. That message is just alerting you that there is a stored code in the ABS module.
2. Secondary air injection codes (both sides, or Banks). Below is a schematic of the SAIP system on the V6. Since you have both codes, first places to look are where both can be affected at once. #7 hose below comes out of the pump and then connects to #10 which splits off to the combi valve on both banks. Leaks can happen there. Then you have #24A which is the vacuum line from the solenoid. If any part of that is ripped or broken, it will not allow the combi valves to open and let the air through. Finally, the solenoid itself and the supply vacuum line to it.
17831/P1423/005155 - Ross-Tech Wiki
17819/P1411/005137 - Ross-Tech Wiki
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3. Sensor 1 no matter which side is the one closest to the engine . AKA Upstream. It measures the amount of oxygen in the exhaust stream and works with the ECU to make sure the air and fuel ratios are optimal for peak efficiency. That affects the fuel economy and running condition if it is not working properly. It can produce misfires if the aforementioned ratio is off enough.
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