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pass-side headlights are out

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About a week ago I noticed I have no headlights on the right-hand side (pass. side). No low beam, no high beam. Now I know bulbs go bad, but what are the chances of both the low-beam and high-beam bulbs going out at roughly the same time? Or are they in a series, in that if one goes the other doesn't come on? Am I looking at something a lot more expensive, something electrical?

I changed my air filter about 3 weeks ago (put a BMC in :), so I worked in that general area. I also did the disable-DRL-by-taping-pin mod, and I noticed some sort of strange flickering on the pass-side before I lost the side. I undid the mod (pulled switch out, took off tape), but nothing.

I gotta fix this right away, and insight much appreciated.
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also, listed my 2000 B5 as using:
Low beam: H7
High beam: 9003
is this correct? I was under the impression that B5s use H7s for both?
assuming that you're not running HIDs, the B5.5 uses H7s for both; the B5 uses H7 low; 9003/H4 high
did you install the BMC CDA, or just the replacement panel?
only BMC replacement filter. so 9003/H4s are interchangeable?

my main concern is if something's wrong with the electrical or if it's the bulbs; I'm concerned that both low/high beams are out. is it easy to replace them? if I don't go el-cheapo and spring for SilverStars (or, dare I say, PIAAs) I'd have to do both sides I suppose..
anyone? (bump)
Mas, check the electrical connection where the wiring harness plugs into the back of the headlight. The small spring retension clip may have fallen out or been pulled out by your recent work, and the connection has wiggled itself loose, but the rubber shroud surrounding it may still be holding the wire in place.

The good news is that you may only have to plug it back in.

The bad news is that you can't buy that little spring clip at the dealership, so you'll either have to make one or find a substitute.
Another problem solved!

Thanks for your help guys - problem solved :thumbup:

When I replaced my air filter, I definitely loosened the connector. I pushed it back in and my headlights are back! I guess I know what I'm doing tonight.. "testing" my headlights :lol:

Now, since I did a lot of research into bulbs, etc. Assuming I have some cash to blow on either SilverStars or PIAA Xtreme Whites, is it worth it? And how difficult is it to swap out the bulbs? I pulled one of the large rubber covers off one of them and it looked like I would just stick my hand in there and twist or something. Is it as simple as it looks? And can I use H4s instead of 9003s, as PIAA doesn't make 9003s?
yes, you can use H4's. i H4's on my B5 w/o a problem.
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