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P0441 and Gas Cap indicator light

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Hi, my 2004 1.8t faults are showing a P0441 fault and a loose gas cap indicator. I have reset the P0441 and replaced the gas cap but both of them come back on intermittently. Is there a likely cause? Bad N-80 valve, clogged charcoal canister, cracked hose? Most likely issue? Please let me know your thoughts.
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Mileage? I believe I had the same scenario just before my fuel pump failed, 165 miles from home. Have you seen any lean codes?
145000, error code message reads improper flow.
Check the Evap Purge Valve/N80 above the air filter. I would try cleaning it, if that doesn't work, replace it. That seems to be what gives me a P0441/Incorrect flow code on my 03 1.8t.
Thanks, I'll give it a try, I have had the habit of topping off the tank so I may well have compromised the charcoal filter.
hoses behind pass. inside rear wheel well to cannister over time "loosen"/leak ,as to n80, pull and first make sure is is closing/closed tight ,suck on it and should be air tight, then jumpmit with 12 volt source ,polarity does not matter and see that it opens/clicks shut (air tight) ,you can do this first, then if all good there probably by the cannister and related hoses (these are relatively easy to get to ,just removing fender liner
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Put a new N-80 valve in, the existing I was able to blow through the existing one. Put 130 miles on after and no CEL. Seems to be a fix thanks for your inputs.
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