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Hello everyone,

My 2002 Passat - 1.8 AWM engine (330 K miles) - FWD has recently shown the P0328 (G61) CEL. Trying to diagnose the issue, I have don the following:

1. Changed the front Knock sensor (G61 - green plug one) and torqued it to spec (15 lb/ft) - no change.
2. Changed spark plugs - no change.
3. Looked at fuel trim with VCDS and everything looks fine.
4. Checked knock sensor voltage under different engine conditions and I noticed that cyl 2 generates 2-3 times the voltage as the other 3 cyl, not sure if normal.
5. Performed a pressure test and all 4 cyl pressure follow in the 130-135 psi range.
5. Looked with boroscope inside cyl head and saw some carbon build up on all 4 but in my opinion it looked normal for a car this old and with so many miles.

In addition to the P0328 code, in the past few months I have noticed a distinctive rattling noise that originates in the turbo/catalytic converter area. The noise increases during acceleration and deceleration and start after the engine reaches operating conditions. I suspect that it might be related to the turbo wastegate, not sure.
Wondering if the P0328 could be caused by the rattling noise.

Car runs perfectly fine and I have not noticed any changes in performance.

Any suggestions on how to trouble shoot this further would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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