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As the title states I am receiving a continuous check engine light for P0112. Intake air temperature low circuit input. Here are the things I have done:

- New air filter
- Cleaned MAF sensor with MAF cleaner
- Installed new IAT sensor
- Disconnected battery multiple times
- Cleared the code at Autozone a couple times
- Cleaned entire intake tract of dust/oil etc.
- WTF over?

After researching I believe it might be a short somewhere in the wiring. I'm pretty sure its not a ground or other sensors would be having issues too since most of the time they all run off the same ground. Problem is my junk ass Harbor Freight multimeter broke so I don't have one to diagnose with right now. Anything I should do in the meantime?

Does anyone have the specific pinout for the 5v supplied wire source? I assume its coming from the ECU (which I believe to be located on the driver side in the large black plastic box with a cover, still new to VW). I was planning to just try a new wire spliced into the existing one nearest the ECU and see what happens.

HELPPPPPP :banghead:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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