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P0012 and P0010 codes

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A little back note first. I just replaced my A/C compressor last week. I also found out I have a small leak in the bottom of my oil pan from hitting a pot hole. I went to the oil change location and then filled my Passat 1.8T 2002 with 10w40 Castrol Synthetic oil since it was low. Well since they did that I have noticed the engine light has been coming on intermittitly since that giving me P0012 AND POO10 codes. I even drove the car on the highway for 80 miles on Saturday with no light but then it came back on again. No strange sounds, etc. Could it be the new oil? I replaced the CCT 2 years ago and it has been quiet and fine since. I also did the timing belt then. Any help would be great Thanks
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Could it be that I used 2 1/2 quarts of 10w 40 synthetic oil to fill up that caused these codes? Any help would be awesome. Thanks
So I only have the P0010 code left. I've had it over a month and there is no rattle from the cam tensioner at the back of the engine. I decided to order a new cam sensor that's on the front of the engine and just replace that to try and see what could be causing the code. Any other ideas? Is the cam sensor is easy to change once I pop the panel off? Thanks.
Any good threads ? I've seen a few but they don't go into detail about a P0010 code and no tensioner rattle. Thanks
What kind of scanner did you use? shouldnt it say what the code is?
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