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After having my car on jack stands all last week, and having to pull an all nighter just to finish it...its finally done.

Lowered on St coilovers..current ride height at 24 5/8.

"Cx racing front control arm kit" was actually a very good buy so far, everything seems perfect upon install.

Plus I threw on some new tranny mounts so the car is super smooth. I expected to feel the road a lot more, and it doesnt bother me one bit, to go from absolutely demolished shock/struts to these is an amazing difference.

The control arms were not very difficult after reading the same DIY for 3 days in a row, it almost became 2nd nature. No pinch bolt problems etc, the only problem i had was with ball joints which I couldnt get out(until i found out I do own a mini-sledge)then one smack and it literally did more than hours of my struggling all week.

I was unable to torque the lowers "bushing" nor was i able to torque the upper bushings, but I did manage to get in there with other basic tools and tighten them pretty well.

No noise etc Ill have to go back and check to make sure they are not coming loose just in case...

Overall im extremely satisfied now! :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

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You don't need to torque the CA pivot bolts. Good and tight should be enough.

I use a torque wrence when I can, but if not I just tighten bolts/nuts to about how hard it was to loosen them.

On CA bolts a little tighter is better than looser, and this needs to be done at ride height of course.
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