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Re: Omori Boost Gauge (mnelson)

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:<HR>It shouldn't. Even Tim (Blownaway) has an A pillar mount.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

From AWE's website: When we took a look at installing a new boost gauge kit in the A4 & S4, we of course, first turned to our best-selling a-pillar gauge kit. However, the addition of the a-pillar/side curtain airbag worried us. The last thing that you need in an accident is a gauge turning into a projectile. During mock-ups and trials, we landed upon the center vent location. After many hours spent in prototyping and product sourcing, we perfected our Center Vent Boost Gauge. The central location of this kit is not only attractive and cohesive to the interior, it is easier to read at speed.

Make of it what you will. I don't think I'd install one in the A Pillar if there were an airbag in there. YMMV

1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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