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I have a 1.8T passat gls from 2003 with 51k on board. I did my last oil change a couple a months ago. I use mobil1 0-40 and I usualy change the oil every 4000 miles. I also use the right mann oil filter.
I was about to go on a longer trip and I checked the oil and for my surprise there was barely any on the stick. I had to compensate with almost a full quart. (the car drove almost 4000 miles since the last oil change)
When I did my last oil change I used 4 quarts, with the large version oil filter that brings the oil level just right.
I haven't noticed any oil stains under my car but I will double check on that tomorow. I seriously doubt that the plug or oil filter leaks. I change those myself and I always double check them before I start the car.
I haven't notice any white smoke coming from the exauhst either.
Assuming its not the plug or oil filter, would any other cause thats engine related be coverd under the 5 year 60k powertrain warranty since the 4 year 50k warranty is out?
And if its not coverd, where should I look 1st for the problem.
Thanks a lot for reading my post and for any help you might have.
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