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hoi all,
i have a problem with the oil level sensor
on the dash it says oil warning (yellow) and sensor workshop
renewed the oil sensor

computer reading:
adress 17: instruments
part no:3B0920827

1 fault found:
00562-sensor for oil level/ temperature (G266)
30-00 - open or short to plus

resetted the computer but still the warning
the hood switch is oke but reading the voltage on the wiring to the oil level sensor it says on pin 3 : 10 v
and on pin 1: 12 v and pin 2 :ground
the voltage on pin 1 is weird !
when i start the engine i get 14 v on pin 1!
that is even weird
wiring problems or computer ?
somebody can help me out?

thanks ,
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I'm bringing this back to life.

I changed the oil in the 2004 1.9 TDI (AVF) and was in the process of resetting the service interval with VCDS and not thinking turned the ignition on without having connected the oil level sensor.

On my Passat there is a factory insulation cover on the oil pan which I remove when draining the oil so as not to soil the cover. In order to remove the cover I disconnect the wire harness from the sensor.

When I turned the ignition on to reset the service interval without the oil level sensor connected the car thought it was low on oil. I reconnected the sensor, reset the service interval and scanned for codes.

The same 00562 code was stored as intermittent open or short. I couldn't get the code to clear after multiple attempts.

I have a Bentley with wiring diagrams but not specifically for the 1.9 TDI (AVF).

Should I rely on the diagram for the 2.8? The 1.8 diagram references a "kick-down-switch" which I'm sure isn't on my manual transmission optioned Passat.

I believe from reading the 2.8 diagram the ground goes to the post near the ECM, the power is from fuse 5 in the side of the dash and the third goes to the dash?

Any help would be appreciated!

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I cleared the code multiple times but it kept reappearing.

Having driven the car multiple times and under different conditions the message hasn't reappeared on the dash nor have I re-scanned the car to see if the code is still present.

Thanks for the reply. If it is still present I'll check the connection.
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