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oil leak!!

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Ok, aparently ive had a oil leak for a while now. First found when i was getting an oil change. Took it to the dealer and they say they put die in the oil and couldnt find any leaks! This was months ago. So, i got a oil change a few weaks ago and now i noticed i smelled oil burning under hard driveing on the highway. So i took it back and told them about it, and they showed me my oil pan is covered with oil. Not really a whole lot, but you can see it everywhere under the car. The guy said its most likely a gasket. My oil level however was right on the money and has been for as long as ive had the car.

My question is how much round about is this going to cost to get fixed. A few hundred? or over the 1k mark.

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Tough to say the repair price without knowing what needs to be corrected.

Engine, mileage, year, oil? Any pics? See any oil splattering?
Where on the belly pan was the oil? If its towards the front, it could be a cam seal/valve cover gasket leak.
sbwagon is probably right about it being the cam seal/valve cover gasket. i had mine replaced both sides but not at the same time. my mistake was i didn't use the dealer gasket on the first change,needless to say that side is still leakin.
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