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oh no

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:cry: so my moms van was in the shop so i figure of ill let her drive me car so she can go to the mall... well i come with my buddys and shes sittin in the drive way looking at the right side of my car i figure oh maybe she got a chip on the fender. so i get out and i coem to find out she went curb hopping my whole right rim and torn up and my right bottom side by the black plastic crap is all scratched up what do i do where can i find these bottom sides. and the rims im just buying new bbs rims soon anyway . but damn this sucks
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:cry: :cry: I feel you pain! I was a victim of a hit and run on Tuesday! I am now going to get a nice new front bumper which is nice, but it is just the hassel!

No matter who this is in general why cant people be more careful? :roll:

Rich :cry:
The black plastic trim mold is available from the dealer. There are several different pieces to it, depends on which ones are trashed. My brother had to replace it and ran around $200/side locally, you ought to check Liberty or maybe Blownaway's new place for a better deal.

Good luck
Is she gonna pay for the replacements? No offense, but I think she should, I know my parents would if they did that to my car.

i think shes going to get the side fixed for me but the rims are up to me :weirdo:
my mom hit a gaurdrail on the taconic parkway with my :b5: :cry: :cry: :cry:
i was soo pisssed. she gave me $1000. it costed $2500 to fix.
just be glad your mother didnt do that shit to u
Sadly, most people don't know how to not avoid the curbs! I will not let anyone drive my car as I am scared they may park to close to a curb and scrape it all up. Sorry to hear about that!!! Good luck.
You sound pretty calm. I would be so angry... wow dont even wanna think about it
Small price to pay for her bringing you in to this world! :D
Haha i thought the same thing and was like yea :heart: i wouldnt make her pay and then i thought the sight of my 18's with a huge ding in them and a messed up plastic peice and naw that witch is paying for all of it
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