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Oh NO, what have I done? (Working fine now)

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:nervous: :nervous: :nervous:

Oh crap what have I done, have I created a monster?



New mods:

Dietrich RS4 Front Bumper
Painted Lower Valances
Boeser CF Hood - Thanks to Paul(quality_sound) :bow: :bow: :bow: PAUL dude thanks sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much, its amazing, Paul its amazing thanks sooo much again!

Who ever hit my car, this is only sweet justice!

Dont be scared it wont bite :weirdo:

Rich :)
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Normally I'd say that was blatant pic whoring... but holy shit! Your ride looks great!

Nice work Rich.

Jimmy :)
Thanks Jimmy : :thumbup:

Rich :)

Cant I be a pic whore? :crazy: :lol:
What percent tint is on the windows? Looks perfect.

Jimmy :)

Limo tint on the rear and medium on the front!

Thanks again

Rich :)
190hp V6? So where's the monster?
Sweet ride! Excellent work. :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :thumbup:
Boris said:
190hp V6? So where's the monster?
Well ok ok ok its not an all powerful beast like Julian's but it has a little more then 190HP, I might be almost around 215HP(estimatioin), intake exhaust and chip but a dyno would sure be nice to do someday!

Cant a moster just look scary? :D Hey Boris stop steeling the show :lol: :lol: Just kidding!

Rich :)
how much was it to paint your lowers? how well does the paint hold up, chips?
how much was it to paint your lowers? how well does the paint hold up, chips?

You must really want an answer, two posts!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

To paint the front bumper and lowers was $800 and it was laser matched paint so there is NO difference between the two and it is holding up great because of a super strong clear coat we put on to with stand the test of time.

Rich :)
Hmmm I'm loving the look, esp the boeser hood. Have you considered painting the alum mesh though? Either black to match or charcoal grey to give it a 2 tone look?
ya paint the mesh black. it'll look meaner. And put a Kamei grill in there. Oh and to be more nitpicky, move the hood on the passenger side up more on the hinges to line it up better. :wink:
Very very very very VERY NICE :weirdo: :bow:
nice nice

lookin good :thumbup:

That hood is amazing, man do i love those pics! :shock:
nice work ritch! It looks pretty good :) I do agree with the ppl that said Kamei grille, painted mesh and I suggest some clear headlights (or since u are in a mood of spending, some HIDs). yeah, why not?
Wind_509 said:
That hood is amazing, man do i love those pics! :shock:
Your car looks real good bro...
One thing i don't understand is the hood, for me it gives a Camry look to the front :lol: . Maybe it's just me but i prefere addons for the lights...

But your car looks good, really.
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