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EDIT BY VAGguy: I have a bunch of files (ETKA and general procedures) in a Google drive link. B5.5 below.

Part Numbers for US-Spec 1998-2005 Passat

B5 98-01

1.8t 20V

09/97-08/99 MY98,99 AEB**
08/99-05/00 MY00 ATW
05/00-08/00 MY01 AUG
2.8L 30V v6
10/97-08/00 AHA including 4motion
08/99-05/05 ATQ including 4motion

B5.5 01.5-05
1.8t 20v
03/01-05/05 MY01-05 AWM including 4motion**
2.0 diesel 11/03-05/05 BHW
2.8 30v v6 08/99-05/05 MY01-05 ATQ including 4motion
4.0 w8 12/01-09/04 BDP

Special Thanks to Xyro TR1 for originally lending his webspace to host these files!

*Disclaimer: All part numbers are for reference only. Please verify the part numbers with your local dealer before ordering.
**First set of dates are build dates; second set are production year (so my00 would mean a 2000 Passat).

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yo D
which ones do i download?
02 2.8
i downloaded the bottom ones.
10 meg a sec download is GREAT :)

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Info thread sticky please! :lol:
This is great. Thanks D. :thumbup:

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I'll stick this for awhile right here.
If we can find enough space on the server to host it, then I'll move it to Info.

Thanks a bunch, Dan! You da Man! :) :thumbup:
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