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NY'ers! What suspension setup are you on?

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Driving down 13th/14th st and 10th ave and around a few spots in queens (college pt. blvd, Bell blvd.) i started to think about dropping my b5 as i was approaching uneven pavement (BQE by the kos bridge), potholes, concrete moguls, giant rats/racoons, and steel plates. Im definitley going to drop and everyone is telling me to go with the bilstein/H&R setup.
What are you guys riding w/ and what do you recommend? (im throwing on evo5's once dropped, if that matters..)
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Oh, and also

Although I know the question was directed to NY'ers, I just thought it wouldn't hurt me putting my 2 pennies here. :oops: :D !
I live on the BK/Qns border and commute on the BQE everday to work. My current set up is Koni adjustable dampers (yellow ones) with neuspeed sport springs and 17X8 OZ Operas with Kumho 235/45/17's.

I had to experiment with different setups because I had similar fears. I found that I had to scrafice style/fashion over function.

I would have loved to put 18" or 19" wheels on my B5, but this was not realistic for a everyday driver through Bk and the BQE (mine field).

Went with the neuspeed sports cause they offer a nice subtle 1.5" drop. The flexibility of the koni's are amazing and Kumhos 45 profile tire gave me good cushion and feedback (no bent rims so far!)

I did not have to sacifice my ride or comfort with this setup either. I would definately consider this setup.
Thanks for the input lee, have you hit potholes or metal plates w/ the 17's on? if so how did the setup handle the hit?
I'm running Neuspeed Sport Springs with Yellow Adjustable Konis ( Like you...) adjusted 1.5 Turns from full soft. I also run 17/8.5 OZ Super Leggeras on 225/45/17 Sumitomo HTR+.

I recently went to the OZ's as I kept bending my previously installed Mille Miglias ( These were quite soft and heavy).I'm frankly amazed how others run with 18's and 19's on our roads.

The roads are terrible but I find it helps having the line of stronger wheels which are much more expensive than the softer ( and cheaper wheels unfortunately).

PS: I feel your pain with the BQE... I frankly try staying away from her.

Sure hope this helped...Sam
Not trying to brag but I have been consumed by craters literaly. Like I said before this setup in conjunction with the 45 profile tire is what has worked for me on these roads. To this date no bent rims, no broken suspension components and no bubbles in my tires.

Like 2kpassat said :

The roads are terrible but I find it helps having the line of stronger wheels which are much more expensive than the softer ( and cheaper wheels unfortunately).

This is absolutely true!

I donot have any rubbing issues either.[/quote]
I run stock 16" wheels with H&R OE sport and konis set about 1 turn from soft in front, 1.5 in the back. Quite frankly its too stiff for NYC roads and even the roads around here. Part of the reason I went with OEs was to stiffen the suspension with less drop, because of the quality of the roads around here. Unfortunately the drops really not noticeable.
I run 17 inch wheels with the Eibach Pro-System. The ride is close to stock comfort but without the bounce of the stck setup. I have had no problem running over plates and holes and I have yet to bottom where I bottomed with stock.
Hey Vinny, good to see you again (virtually ;) ).

I'm running H&R Sports on Eibach Pro-Dampers, and while I haven't had any issues with potholes or those metal plates, I do bottom out on speed bumps so I have to be careful there. Ride's a bit too bouncy for my taste, but it's the price I pay to have a car that's also set up for the track. If I wasn't a track nut, I'd probably have gone with Eibach Pro-Kits and the Pro-Dampers all around (also known as the Pro-System).

Heads up, I just got an expensive lesson courtesy of DC's quest to fix lead pipes in the city and lazy Dept. of Public Works idiots leaving manholes half covered. You might want to invest in a metal skid-plate for your B5 which will protect your oilpan better than the plastic one provided by VW.

You can buy them at:
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