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i'm new on here but i've been modding this car for a year and am a member on another passat forum here's what i've done from the day i got it

first wheels 17" rs4 reps and i also debadged the rear leaving the vw one

then shortly after rear tints

then i bought some bilstein shocks and apex springs giving me a 40mm drop

and also i got a bonnet bra ( i sold it about 9 months later)

i colour coded the bump/rub strips and it stayed like that for about 10 months then i got a one piece rear bumper insert

and also i have a rear lip spoiler

i got board so painted the rear vw badge

i had a debadge grille which started off black then i colour coded it and now it has a cream edge to match the cream wing mirrors

i wanted to continue the cream green theam so i did this

it needs redoing so i will be doing that once the weather pics up

which leaves me to today i have now got coilovers on

they need to settle but they look alot better than before

and also a jap spec front insert

its going to be colour coded and the number plate is going to be put lower down and in the center

i also have a sound system which got installed the very minute i got it home lol

so thats it so far i will be getting some new 18 x 8.5j rims at some point but don't know when yet

thanks for looking
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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