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Hey folks!

New to the forum and a new owner of a 2010 Passat Komfort 2.0t. Tough decision between a 2006 Chrysler 300C SRT8 and the VW. For my son, who will be 16 in a few years, i chose the VW, as i see him taking care of it better than the 300 when i hand over the keys. Already looking for modifications to do to the 2.0 such as exhaust, cold air intake and rims. I've used the search feature for the exhaust and way too many threads to look at and sift through to find good reading for a 2010. Any ideas to those who have a 2010 and have already made the above mentioned mods to their Passat? Dont want break the bank but dont want cheaply made stuff I'm going to have to replace in a few years. Thanks for the input if you can provide!!!
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