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Noob - Power Plan Question

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First time VW owner (2012 B7 2.5 SE). Currently my Love is at the dealer due to a broken valve spring and valve in Cylinder two. Loaner car is a 2012 B7 3.6 SEL. Wow why didn't I buy this model!? After driving this car I have realized I want a bit more power. Being new to VW and to be honest car MODs in general can anyone give me advice on what MODs help to bring up horsepower and torque? I'm not looking to give my car a huge boost but I would definitely like to feel more power and get up. Also does anyone suggest a certain order to do whatever the suggestions are? I would like to come up with a solid plan to put in place. So i can plan funds, down time etc.

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You won't see any real numbers unless you add a turbo or a supercharger.

I would suggest to keep it in Sport mode if you want more pick-up--and its free.

If you really need to drop some coin, go with a Magnaflow universal muffler to get an audible upgrade.
If you have a manual transmission, get the Integrated Engineering intake manifold kit. I watched its development over the last year and it transformed our JSW 2.5 S (actually bought the car after deciding to add the manifold). 48 horsepower transformed the car (it's surprised a couple of GTIs). The United Motorsport software is great; the engine has great (much improved) smoothness and gets better gas mileage during normal (not spinning it to the 7400 rpm redline) driving - I've seen 35 mpg on the highway at 75 mph avg. It won't work if you have an auto though as the transmission will shift way to early to reap the newfound rpm and power boost. I'm not sure if the power steering pump location on the B7 will interfere as it does on the Jetta A6 sedan, but I read somewhere that they're working on a fix for those cars.

IE 2.5L 5 Cylinder Manifold Power Kit
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