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I have 2001 Passat (b5.5) and it is long overdue for some repairs. I'm not so sure I'm the best candidate to fix my car at this time, so I'm hoping some of you seasoned owners might be able to help me out.

According to Merchant Tire a few months back (oil change discoveries, imagine that), they said I need a right side valve cover replacement. I assume this will address what I think is an oil leak. The car eats oil. Or leaks it. Either way, there's some sort of problem in that area. Merchant also said that I need a power steering fluid exchange. In addition, they put a note mentioning that i have a torn outer cv boot and need to replace the cv axle.

Outside of all that, I have a leak in the back passenger side which I think is part drain plug and part leaking seal on the door. The driver back side is starting to do it too and the leak comes from the corner of the seat/plastic meets area of the floor. runs down the side into the floor.

I have a corded tire and another that's probably needing to be replaced. That will likely not be cheap, and i also need balance/rotate and probably desperate need for alignment. When they fix the oil leak it'll be an oil change as well, I'm sure. The A/C also possibly needs to be recharged (it one day just started blowing warm air instead of cool. It tried to cool, but was like it was on empty of what cools it). Then the drain plugs in the sunroof most definitely need to be unclogged.

So the list:
clear clog, find leak (this might can wait)
new tire(s), balance/rotate/alignment
A/C recharge (assuming that's the cause)
CV Axle replacement
Right valve cover replacement and oil change/replacement
Power steering fluid exchange
windshield wiper replacement
labor (very generalized expectations...)

I think that covers everything. I just want to know if anyone might know a very generalized ballpark breakdown of what a mechanic would charge for these repairs? I am looking toward a local shop that specifically works on VW cars, but am game to look around for best quality + deal matches. I just am trying to figure out my budget to know if I should just do it all at once, or just fix the immediate repairs and fix the others later.

If there are things that can be easily repaired by me with minimal tools, I'm game to hear, but let's assume a mechanic is probably going to have to do most of this work. I think I can figure the wipers out for myself, just threw them in as an afterthought.

Thanks in advance.
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