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noob here, chip and exhaust quest?

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Hi i actually have a wrx but i have a good friend who is not lets say automotively inclined. He has a B5 2.0t and he wanted a little more power and a nice but quiet exhaust note. I know from subaru experience that greddy makes nice but quiet exhausts and the G2 which their website says will fit his car also has a nice subdued appearance. My first question is if anyone has experience with this exhaust and how do they like it? Secondly, if this were a wrx i would immediately tell him that if he wanted a nice initial boost in power to get an mbc. However i wasn't sure if this was common practice and was guessing that maybe with the vdubs an ecu chip of some sort is a more popular route. This board seems to be helpful, i tried doing a search but didnt really find the clear cut answers i was looking for. Thanx in advance for any responses and if your ever lookin for a wrx board is the place to go :)
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First off, I don think there is a 2.0T, I think you ment 1.8T!

I have the V6 B5, and I have a evoms intake, and an Oettinget exhuast(w/no resisnator), and alos have GIAC's ECU & GIAC Tip Chip!

The car moves now, but I also want more performance out of it! I want a fast automatic!

Rich :wink:
the biggest thing for the 1.8t seems to be a chip, or if he wants a lot more power and has a lot of $$ go for a KO4 turbo upgrade kit complete with a chip. this will boost power a lot. people who do the Ko4 sugest an intercooler as well.
check out for some great parts

My impression is that most owners of Volkwagens with the 1.8T engine use an ecu chip to enhance peformance as opposed to using a manual boost controller. There are several (more than five) companies with chip programs for the B5 and B5.5. You should be able to learn more about the various chips available by searching on this site under names such as: wett (or wetterauer), giac, apr, neuspeed and upsolute.

thanks for all the quick respones
i believe that i do mean a 1.8t as i said before mick (the owner) doesnt know much about cars and he told me it was a 2.0 t. I havent even looked at his car closely enough to see a badge. Now that i think about it a wrx is a 2.0t :) .
-So i guess i was right about the chip being popular amongst the vw crowd. I have some experience with apr and know that they make nice products. I will do some more research on all of those companies thanx slider. As far as the greddy exhaust goes does anyone have any impressions about this.
-Slimebucket, is your exhaust very loud or more subtle? My car is catless with all helix products and i know that mine is much too loud for what im lookin for here. I'm really glad to have found this forum. Already very informative thanx again.
( :puke: :god u guys have some great smileys )
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ivory said:
i believe that i do mean a 1.8t as i said before mick (the owner) doesnt know much about cars and he told me it was a 2.0 t. I havent even looked at his car closely enough to see a badge.
Hope they ain't talking about a Jetta with a 2.slow... :)
well i have seen the car and know that it is a passat definitely not a jetta. i just never paid attention to the badging
for the 1.8t, there will be no badge, just the passat badge, if its a 2004 it could says 4motion on it , but the only badge i would bet you will see is the passat badge, unless its a V6, then it will say v6, which would be a 2.8 engine.

under the hood the engine cover will say 1.8t if thats what it is
-oh thank you, i was under the impression that there was an exterior badge. i will definitely check under the hood to actually see when i get the chance.
-I am liking the wett chips a lot. I have also been reading that it is beneficial to have the ecu socketed when having an ecu chipped so that it isn't soderred on to the ecu and it can be returned back to stock. However, i haven't seen anyone writing about this in regards to a wett chip. Is this just because people trust wett and don't want to remove the chip?
-again thanx for any replies, i know this myriad of questions is a pain in the a$$
If you go with Wett, be sure to mention the promo for $295 + free shipping.
clubb5 doesn't get free shipping, we do get $295, but not free shipping, whats with that :mad:
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