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Just here for a simple answer.. and getting the run around.. UGH

I am working on my son's B5 passat, the 1999 1.8T Front Wheel Drive Automatic, and the original CCM is pooched! It will ONLY let the car start. Inspection of the wires, revealed ALL of them were rotted, and corroded so we replaced the entire pigtail that came with the replacement CCM.

Nothing has changed since the new CCM would NOT work.. The new CCM wouldn't even allow the car to start, and we were forced to put the old one back and go without heat controls, or window controls until this problem is resolved.

We DO NOT, have a key with a key FOB; I'm assuming the ONLY key we have is what's called the "Master" or "Mechanics" key.. and we've tried the tips on "programming a key" but I don't think that even applies here.

The OLD CCM part number is 1JO 959 799 AJ ( 2M-max 5DK 007 954-61 III10999 )
and the new part number is 1JO 959 799 AJ ( 2M-max 5DK 007 954-61 III12999 )

Do those last 5 digits on the 2nd row of strings define this as a completely different part? Or is that just the "default programming?"

Has anyone here had an issue with their passat not starting after replacing a CCM and what suggestions might you have to resolve this issue? We, as of yet, do not own anything the might be needed to program a CCM.. so if that becomes necessary, suggestions there would be helpful too. His current CCM get's him back and forth to work, but no heat in 10 degree weather is rough.
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