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My car failed it's MOT at the catalytic converter was broken between the cat and the turbo charger. I replaced the whole unit with a friend (now that's a fiddly job!) and we realised that the part had broken in the first place because there is absolutely no support for the cat or the exhaust pipe! We can't even tell where the support is supposed to be.

If possible, please, could somebody describe what support is meant to be there and where abouts it is meant to be?
i.e. we can't see anywhere that hooks and rubbers might be as a typical support. Haynes Manual states that there is some kind of support which attaches to the gear box but again we can't see anything or any evidence there was something there.

Any pictures of the support that should be there would be amazing. I'm worried the car will fail the re-test as the cat is not sufficiently supporter, thus, give it a few years, and the same problem will happen again.

If I can give any more info please just say,

Thanks for taking the time to read this :)

Hanna :wrench:
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