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No start, no crank after trying to jump start

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Ok, I bought my old VW back from my ex wife, long story. Anyhow, when I got the car back it was showing the P0300 and P0301 codes for misfires but it did start after a jump to drive it up on the trailer. The battery was dead when I got it home and would not start with a jump, so I tried to jump it with one of the big battery chargers with the 200A start and now it wont do anything. I replaced the battery yesterday and still nothing, no crank no start. I checked all the fuses for the ignition but the owners manual is VERY vague. I am going to connect with my VagCom tonight and post the results, anywhere specific I should look at first?
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Ok, got home and checked codes with VagCom and found nothing. Car still wont crank, all the voltages look ok and the trans controller is seeing the car in park. Any ideas???
I can see that the status s contact is operational and terminal 15 is operational, could this be the starter?
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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