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No start, no crank after trying to jump start

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Ok, I bought my old VW back from my ex wife, long story. Anyhow, when I got the car back it was showing the P0300 and P0301 codes for misfires but it did start after a jump to drive it up on the trailer. The battery was dead when I got it home and would not start with a jump, so I tried to jump it with one of the big battery chargers with the 200A start and now it wont do anything. I replaced the battery yesterday and still nothing, no crank no start. I checked all the fuses for the ignition but the owners manual is VERY vague. I am going to connect with my VagCom tonight and post the results, anywhere specific I should look at first?
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This really sounds like a fuse or relay issue to me...either that or something basic like a bad battery ground or hot lead. does the key in the ignition cycle any responses at all?

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