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Hey, I need to get emmisions testing but my car won't communicate with the ODBII scanner I have and it is a decent one. I also had someone hook up a VAG-COM and no communication.

I read somewhere that the JEtta's computer goes out of wack with a aftermarket radio and them the system does not communicate, but I don't have an aftermarket radio.

Any ideas?

it is a 99 1.8T

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does your car give you a check-whatever-light? or does it do just fine and operate normally?

my guess is that in the luckiest possibility that you just have a nicked cable going to the obd, or a pin fell out.

in the worst scenario, you have a module connector out of whack, or somethingmuch more severe which would possibly result in no CEL, depending on how it works (on GM cars if the bus is down, no data reads on the cluster)

with electrical problems such as this, it's best to take it to a dealer for a proper diagnosis.

electrical functions of your car are something REALLY not to screw with unless you know what you're doing.

not trying to scare you, just want the best course for you to take.

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it could just be that someone pulled the knee bolster and forgot to plug the port back in. on a loose wire/pin like sipes suggested
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