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Hi folks,

Replaced my coolant tank and motor mounts this weekend on my '02 B5 V6 GLX. Accidentally un-clipped the little power wire to the starter and had to reconnect a couple times to get started but it runs fine now. However:

Started the engine, no ac/heat coming out of vents. Coolant level is good and I let the car run for 10 mins with the cap off the coolant tank.

Everything else about the car runs fine, can hear the HVAC gears turning and clicking back there and feels like hot/cold air wants to come out but nothing blowing it out. Climatronic gave following codes twice after clearing, running, checking:

-4F7 : temp flap motor
-4F9 : Fresh Air Blower
-513 : CAM gateway

When I run VAGCOM for the HVAC, the only code I get is 01299, which I understand relates to the climatronic 513.
So far I think the cause is:

-Bad start burned out CCM
-Wiring came loose doing motor mount. Maybe loosened some wire on the passenger side?
-Burned out blower motor or resistor?

Are there other checks I can perform in VAGCOM that will confirm other codes related to the climatronic diagnosis?

Would appreciate some diagnostic tips to run through or what to try and replace first.

Appreciate any help, thanks!
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