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I am A very Proud owner of a 1999 1/2 Vw Passat, satin Silver. I've been an active reader of club b5 for about a year know. The reason i'm now joining is that i was too lazy to figure out why i couldn't join this club using aol. Anyways i've figured it out and i'm here now. I must say, that BoeserB5 is my idol. If someone has a contact for him, can they please have him contact me as i would love to talk to him in person. I will try to have pics of my car up asap. I call it The dirty sleeper! Not that it's dirty, but it's wickedly fast, as all of my highway compadres have told me. :D Anyways i look forward to talking to all of you, feel free to e-mail me or post at anytime.. Good luck B5'ing
Mod's include:
:bow: Custom Port Polish :lol:
:bow: K04 turbo
:bow: Injectors
:bow: Custom high flow pressure regulator
:bow: Intake i created :D
:bow: Larger oil lines too feed that k04
:bow: The DV valve from EVO( PROPS to Jordan )


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Hey what's going on
I live in LI/Queens would u be down to gtg some time??
It gets boring around with no other b5's around??
I also have some questions about the Ko4 u got as i want to upgrade to that set up.. :thumbup:
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