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NGK Plug Spec. - is it incorrect on web? BKR5 or BKR6?

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Quick question on the specified spark plug for the 2003 GLX 4Mo 2.8L engine -code ATQ:

I just replaced the Factory "VW-Audi" marked NGK plugs in my car with dealer replacements ("VW-Audi" marked NGKs) and I noticed a difference between the NGK spark plug reference site specification (as well as other reference sites) and the plugs I pulled and replaced with new. This forum has also quoted the plug stock number that I am currently using - the BKR6EKUB

This is the NGK specification that was in the car when I purchased it at 37K - this is also what the dealer supplied when I purchased replacements a week ago. This is also the plug mentioned on this forum. I imagine this is the "correct" plug.

NGK BKR5EKUP - Stock 2890
This is the NGK specification according to the website and the NGK site quote this BKR5EKUP specification.
The heat rating of a "6" plug is, of course, cooler than a "5" plug.

Is the NGK site simply incorrect here?

Just curious.

Thanks in advance
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Stock plugs on the AHA engine are BKR6EKUB, dual ground electrode, not gap adjustable

at least that was what I always thought
If the 5's accumulate soot, then use the 6's. Otherwise, the 5's will prevent engine knock by dissipating heat faster.
Can anyone confirm the plug for the ATQ 2.8L on a 2003?
Thanks deusex -

I have the 6's in now. And the others looked normal - I may be able to drop back to the 5's.

I have a stumble now at times - no real pattern to it....I fear it may be fuel pump ...

When the car is running without runs just fine... then I get the bucking...Im going to check throttle body and clean it next... will also check fuel filter...

It may be the replacement plugs though - or the wires - but I wouldnt think the wires would be bad at only 38K
If the wires aren't seated properly, they will go bad VERY quickly. Did you pull the rubber boots out of the way when you clipped the replacement wires into place? If you don't do that, it's virtually impossible to get the clips to seat.
I have not replaced the plug wires yet. I didn't think they would need it at 38K - but the car is 4 years 4 months old. Speaking of wires, the cheap plastic covering on the wires has become brittle under the engine clad covers - due to heat I imagine - and I had to remove small portions of this covering. I imagine this would not cause any problems. The insulation on the wires is fine. Any thoughts.
Use an Ohm meter to check the resistance on the wires. Make sure they're at least close to being the same -- if they're all the same length, then they should be very nearly exactly the same.
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