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Since i have to wait to post in the other side of the forum. Im going to post here in hopes someone with some insite may see it.

I picked up a 1999 passat 1.8t for 300 bucks. I drove a ways to get it. I was told it needed work (clutch bleeding) but it was drivable. It had sat dead for months. We jumped it and off i want. It needed fuel so i drove it to the nearest station. As i pulled up to a pump and was on the clutch the car died. Luckily at the gas station

We tried to jump it to no avail it would not stay running. So i parked it and went back and got it with a dolly. I threw a battery that could hold a charge in it.

Note: when leaving the key on i did not hear the tps adjust itself

It doesn't like to start at all the first few times, it just sputters. With the foot on the pedel it will run, rev, die.

After you so that a few times you can get it to start and rev it as high as you pleasem but its a one shot as no matter what you do with the pedel from there, it will die

With some finess you can keep it running at this point. Then with your foot stationary on the gas in a "sweet spot" it will go from 500rpm to 1500 or so back and fourth. After allowing it to do that for a little while you can ease off the throttle and she will run between 200 and 500 rpm for 30 seconds or so before ahe dies.

This is the problem. And its rather cold out to inspect every little thing (ill be moving it to a semi warm garage when i have time)

Anyone have any fresh ideas?

I ordered a cheap vag-com in hopes i just need to reset the throttle bosy from having a dead battery, if the vag-com i ordered even works that is.

Facts: what i know about this specific car

i hear the fuel pump when i turn the key and it sounds strong!

I do not hear the throttle body adjusting with key on

The "mechanic" i got it from was a major stoner and is the type to buy every led walmart has and use a multitde of 12v splitters to link them all together and mount it all with elec tape, double sided tape, and hose clamps.

He also removed the stock air cleaner. Put and adapter on the maf held on with one cockeyes zip tie (loose) and proceded to put a cone filter on it that doesnt actually fit on the adaptor. (Sweet set up bruh) he also added a forge splitter for the chuchu effect.

When i do rev it i can hear the turbo spool. But i do not hear anything from that splitter

I am going to assume its in lag mode

I baught a jetta 1.8t about a year ago. All that had on it was an intercooler but i could hear that turbo dump.

So most common solutions?

Where to start?

What to look for?

Ebay vag-coms are garbage? (Its not here yet)

I know own a 300 dollar pile of parts? (Still a pretty good buy even it it was just for parts)

What do you guys got for me?
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