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newb with passat

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hello. i'm a "newb" to the website! me and my wife just bought a 2003 volkwagen passat wagon GLX! its got the 4motion and V6. i love the car! we got it for a steal for $3700, with 112,000 miles on it.

it drives fine, no shakes, raddles, no check engine lights, nothing.

that being said...of course, it wouldn't be a BROKESwagon without problems. ( i used to work in a tuner shop)

Im having issues with two things right now.

the cluster lights dont work when i turn the lights on. not the domes, just the little orange lights and the instrument cluster. if i turn the switch on and off a couple of times, it sometimes comes on. i took out the switch, found a little corrosion on one of the metal connectors, so im assuming its the switch. but interestingly, the dimmer switch doesnt work... at all. took it out, looked fine.

any ideas?

also, the headlamps are an issue. the passenger lamp is pointed towards the ground. I've found the adjusters for it, tried adjusting, no luck. not budging. is the assembly broken?? what can i do? its not really safe driving like that.
how hard is it to take out the assembly? it looks like the adjusting of the bulbs takes place inside the headlamp that true?

thanks in advance!!
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