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Hi all im a newbie from good old smoke on trent im a self employed mechanic with patrership in a local garage (hes an autospark) just bought my second b5 bargin, first was a highly modified 1.8t juice guzzling estate wich i recently sold, iv now bought a 2000 115bhp? 1.9tdi pd esate 150k with full vw sevice history 11m mot for £300!! i was assured by the "mechaic" i bought it off that the d.m.f was knocking hence the low price... I went to Lichfield to view the car wich is absolutly spanking!!! Fired her up to here no noisy flywheel? So i handed the cash straight over jumped in and off i went! Clutch couldnt get any higher it crunches into 2nd and it wines its tw*t off!! So looks like im in need of a gearbox......

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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