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So I've done a lot to my 05 1.8T and I'm excited to do even more, and take the next step by upgrading my turbo. I just bought this one: BILLET KO4-015xl K04-015XLB XS-POWER Upgraded K03 Turbo VW Passat Audi A4 1.8T, Volkswagen Turbos, XS Power Inc.
My car's engine is stock so I can't go too crazy with it, but I am beyond excited to upgrade from the baby k03. I've heard so many good things about this turbo, and my car is ready: front mount intercooler, Bosch 550cc injectors, stage 2 clutch + single mass lightweight flywheel, diverter valve, among a few other things. I'll be going from barely keeping up with newer econoboxes to full-on sleeper. I chose this turbo because I don't want lag until 5k rpm where I can't even have fun on the street. The size, and the fact that it bolts straight up convinced me. It's a huge upgrade from an eBay special without breaking the bank on a BT that I can't even use. I can't wait to get it buttoned up and update my thoughts on this little guy. View attachment 102515 View attachment 102516 View attachment 102517 View attachment 102518 View attachment 102519 View attachment 102523 View attachment 102522
Sorry, a little off topic but how do those wheels ride. I hade 18” Audi wheels on mine and it rode
Like a tank so I put the stock 15” back on. Is there’s a trick you did? The 18” wheels also had a low profile.
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