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I have acquired a 2002 Passat (1.8T). Nice car, runs great, 55,000 miles.


It was parked outdoors for most of its life. It was apparently washed infrequently. The interior is a bit of a mess. Looks like small children rode in in frequently. The leather seats are intact, not torn or damaged, but filthy. Same with the carpeting.

So I want to clean it up. I'm thinking the exterior needs to be washed, clayed, polished and waxed. I think that if there's a tougher, harder kind of wax than carnauba wax, I'd like to use that. It's still going to be parked outside (in Brooklyn, NY).

The interior needs a serious cleaning. For the seats and other leather, can I use what I've always used on my motorcycle stuff? Saddle soap for cleaning up, Obenauf's leather oil as a conditioner/preservative/barrier layer?

For the plastic stuff, what's the most amazing cleaner that exists? What will eradicate years of grime? I am definitely open to suggestion.

For the carpeting, I'm thinking any old carpet cleaner will do, but if I'm wrong, I'm open to correction.

Thanks in advance...
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