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A couple months ago I bought a 2001 1.8T B5 Passat from the second owner, 126K(now at 130K). What should I be on the lookout for regarding maintenance? Some background:

1st owner did all oil changes as scheduled, alternating between dealer and Jiffy Lube. Seems to have used dino oil. All this is stamped in the owner's manual. Some work done under warranty, I think camshaft sensor replaced.

2nd owner had all maintenance records, again, diligent on the oil changes(but at Jiffy Lube). They used dino until the last year when they switched to synthetic. Came with the larger Mahle filter installed.
2nd owner had VW dealer replace plugs, air and gas filters, oil change 2 months before I bought it(some other stuff too that I don't recall--listed as 70K service).
2nd owner had full timing belt service just before I bought it: belt, water pump, camshaft, etc. That was a big reason that I talked myself into buying it.

I have already replaced one of the vacuum check valves that literally had holes in it--near the passenger side up top under a plastic cover.
I am doing the oil this weekend using Mobil 1 0W-40 and the Mahle filter.
Also trying to track down an apparent oil leak that makes itself evident on the passenger side on a hose near the bumper. Nothing leaks to the ground, however, and I have not seen any smoke from the exhaust nor smell burning oil in the cabin.

I plan to change the tranny fluid and filter this summer as well as new rotors/pads all 'round. Need to put a belly plate on.

Does anything else jump out at you that could help me? Mileage is decent(26-27, mostly commute in San Jose--lots of stop/go even on the freeway.)I really enjoy driving this car and like learning to fix things myself(combination of pride and frugality, not in equal doses). Sounds like I will have plenty of opportunity to learn with this vehicle.

Yes, I was aware of the sludge issue which has not presented itself to me, and I have even convinced my wife to cool down the turbo on the occasion she drives it.

Thanks in advance, and thanks for all the posts that have already helped me, too, prior to purchase.
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