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Hello all I just purchased a 2007 Passat 2.0T. I have to say I was floored at how fast that 4 cylinder motor is. Very impressed I could not imagine the speed the 3.6 has. I had a question about it though. When we got it home I was messing around with it and realized just how tight the engine compartment is. My question is can a DIYer do basic maintenance on these ie.. plugs, wires, oil or do you have to dismantle to change plugs? Thank you for your responses.
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If you find engine compartment in passat tight you definitely didn't see one in maximas or infinities.
I didn't have to change my plugs yet but it's never been hard on 4cyl. engines again unlike V6s where in some cases you had to drop the engine to access rear 3 cylinders
And of course welcome to the club
Changing the plugs in my 2000 Maxima was a snap. Changing oxygen sensors, not so much.

And yes, the Passat engine bay is quite roomy compared to that same hardware jammed under the hood of a GTI. Changing the spark plugs took me about a half-hour.....the bulk of the time was spent wresting the engine cover off!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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