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New Tire suggestions? QUIET and Comfortable

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Hey Guys,

I'm a noob here, and I am looking for new tires for my 2008 Passat Lux.

I am looking for 235/45/17 97H/V/W.

My biggest priority is Low Road Noise and great Ride Comfort. Also, I want all season tires that can handle decently in snow. I live in Indianapolis, and we do get our fair share of snow/ice.

If anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to share.

Also, this is my first car, and I'm dealing with tires for the first time. So, is it OK to buy the tires from an online retailer and get them installed at a tire store nearby? How much do those guys usually charge for installing tires?

Please redirect me to appropriate threads if any of my questions have already been answered (that I might have missed).

Thanks :)
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TireRack seems to like Michelin Primacy MXM4

I run Kumho ECSTA Platinum LX for the low road noise & ride comfort (235/40r18 on my 08 Passat Turbo)....

Can't judge snow because I use dedicated snow tires
I saw another post where a user was praising the Escata Platinum LX for the quietness. But, his tire were brand new.

How long have you had yours?

Which tires do you use for winter?
I saw another post where a user was praising the Escata Platinum LX for the quietness. But, his tire were brand new.

How long have you had yours?

Which tires do you use for winter?
One of my friends ran the Kumhos are 80,000 miles on his B5 A4...and they have been nice and quiet for him.

For snows, right now I have Hankook Icebear W300.

Previous snows:
General Altimax Arctic
Nokian Hakkapeliitta RSI
On my old MK4:
(Firestone) Winterforce
Green Diamond MDT
TireRack seems to like Michelin Primacy MXM4
This is what I am currently using on my 16" Catalunyas. They came with the car and they are quiet and comfortable. I don't think they're that good in the wet, though. THey seem to lose grip on take offs if you're a little aggressive. I will have to replace them for next summer and I won't replace them with the same tires (also moving up to 17" or 18" rim for summer).

I also use dedicated snows (17" Dunlops) but if the MXM4s are not that great in heavy rain, I wouldn't use them at all in snow (and granted in the Great White North we get a fair bit of snow).
Pretty sure someone will jump in and recommend Continental ExtremeContact DWS
read through this forum or search, there are quite a few new tire threads with different brands and results
I read through all the posts. Most people here are concerned about performance/bigger rims/lowering ride height, and are willing to use separate tires for winter and summer. Having put a healthy down payment on the car, money is not exactly ample for me at the moment. Even though I am only 24, I guess I am thinking more like an older person - I am more concerned about comfort and road noise, than handling and/or cornering. Although, I have to admit that the Turbo makes me want to drive aggressively sometimes, but I guess I can live without that adrenalin :) I guess I will have to compromise on something to gain the other (for now).

I recently bought my 2008 Passat (30,000 miles) and there was a constant humming noise from the rear, particularly noticeable on smoother roads. I was getting sick of it, and decided to take it to the dealership to find out what the problem might be. They said that there is nothing wrong with the rotors or any other components, but the rear tires only had 4/32nd tread left on them, and they were visibly damaged (they said the rear passenger tire almost had valleys), and that was their diagnosis on the reason for noise.

I am taking the car to a highly rated (on Angie's List) mechanic - Euro Motorworks in Indianapolis. I will see what they have to say about the noise. If they confirm the dealership's diagnosis, I will probably end up buying just 2 tires, and get them mounted on the front, and move the front wheels to the rear.

I have decided on cheap tires - Kumho Escata ASX 235/45R17. Tirerack has them for $99 each. I guess I'll end up spending close to $300 after I get them mounted. This will be my cheap(er) fix for a while and then maybe I'll buy 4 new tires in a year or so, unless, of course, the tires are not the culprit.

Let's see what happens. Will post here.

Thanks for the suggestions.
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Why not just switch the tires from front to back? If the noise moves, there's your diagnosis! You can send me a cheque at... ;) If it doesn't move, then it could be a wheel bearing, or something knocked out of alignment back there.
He he :D I feel stupid now

I'll try that.. Running to the nearest tire store :driving:
Tire store? All you need is two jacks... Or change each rear out for the spare, and see if the noise disappears.

Let us know what happens!
I am currently running Toyo T1R's 245/40/18 ET 38 and I love them.
I tried to do it myself. I jacked up the car and was ready to remove the wheel, only to realise that I need some special tool to unscrew the bolts on my rims - that was not included in the standard toolset that came with the car (anti-theft measure?)

Anyways, I dropped the car off at an independent auto repair shop, and they said the same thing - the noise is due to uneven wear on rear tires. They said that there were "cups" on the tires and that was causing the noise.

So, I think I will buy 2 new Kumho Ecsta LX Platinums that are 97W rated and get them installed in the front.

They are available for around $250-280 with tax and shipping at and Then mounting is another $120. So I think I will end up spending around $380-400 and that should take care of the situation for about a year or two.

Will let you guys know when I get everything done. Thanks for the suggestions :)
Double check your bag, it's small and is in it's own little ziplocked thingy. Otherwise, call the dealer.
That sounds like a BMW-like anti-theft measure. Noone can remove anything except for the dealer! ;)
OK guys. Got rid of the annoying noise.

Bought 2 new Kumho Ecsta LX Platinums from Performance Tread for $258.28 (incl. shipping + tax). Ordered the tires Monday, and they were delivered by Tuesday. Got them mounted at Big O Tires for $42.26 Wednesday evening, so total damage was $302.54

As far as the toolkit is concerned, the special lug nut key was already in the toolkit of the car, but I couldn't figure out how to use it because the lugnuts were covered by a black plastic star-like cap which just needed to be pulled out. I thought I needed special equipment to remove that black plastic cap.

I am so happy now! Thank you Dark_helmet - your suggestion played a big part in my decision on choosing the Kumhos (the price was the dominating factor, of course ;)). I can now ride with my windows up, air on and hear nothing :). Hopefully these tires (and the quietness) will last a while.

Now, next purchases:
Monster Mat Round (if anyone has a set for sale, please let me know)
Front Europlates

I have been reading about europlates elsewhere on this forum, and it seems like I will have to bend the plateholder (frame) on both sides so that it matches the curvature of the bumper. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know. (I might have to ask this question in other sections; This is not the appropriate place for such questions, it seems)

Thanks again for all the help guys! :thumbup:
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